Calming the Cricket


There is a noisy cricket that lives in my head.  It’s constantly thinking, usually complaining, sometimes angry, and rarely finds herself at peace with what is happening around her.   What an effort it is to soothe this rankled little cricket.  At the smallest provocation, she bristles, coils back, and prepares to affront the offender with her passionate speculations.  

Ordinarily, this cricket’s mad chirping is contained within me, but snippets of her base thoughts slip out, admittedly at times gush out, leaving a wake of loved ones in the deluge.  

Perhaps I’m being overly-dramatic, but there are days when I sincerely feel this way and I don’t like it.  I want peace, gentleness, self-control.  I want ease, simplicity, and water to my soul.   I want God’s Spirit to calm the cricket.

Lately, I’ve been attempting to listen to that still, small voice of God, not only during my quiet time with Him, but all the time.  I realize I repress His voice especially on those occasions I want to go my own way and do my own thing – which eventually leads me to a dark path of twisted discontentment.  

As I approach my 3rd trimester of my 4th child, I know it will be increasingly difficult to quiet the noise of stress, anxiety, and frustration from the busyness of life, but I am a determined woman.  

Father God, I pray for more of You and less of me. As I submit to You in every thought, deed, and word, I pray for evidence of a transformed life.   

I have to laugh out loud.  The doorbell just rang.  It was the plumber coming to fix our faucet.  Noticing I was pregnant he made a comment saying, “Well that’s going to be a lot of fun!”.  I laughed and replied, “Fun?”  He then looked at me seriously and asked, “Well what do you want then?”  “I want peace and tranquility in the midst of chaos.” 

He then grabbed my hand and started to pray for me.  A plumber.  Prayed for me.  Out of the blue.  Praise God for His still, small voice coming from unexpected places!





3 thoughts on “Calming the Cricket

  1. alexandra.y.lew

    I was having images of the cricket from mulan living in your head when reading this. 🙂 you are a blessing and encouragement ms. cricket. Praying for more moments of peace and stillness in the midst of your busyness. 🙂


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